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Letter from our Chairwomen to President Biden

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Chaya Swensen National Chairwoman NCRPDG

28241 Crown Valley Pkwy, Suite F-507

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 818.577.8661 The Office of the President

Joseph R. Biden The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

NW Washington, DC 20510 Dear President Biden, Congratulations on your victory. We think it's a victory for all of us. I speak on behalf of 300 organizations with 14 million members including 30,000 ministers. As National Chairwoman of the NCRPDG we were delighted to help your campaigns in 2008 and 2012, we believed in you then and even more so now. Yes we are mostly conservative Christians but recognize your experience, maturity, wisdom, restraint, compassion, patience and above all things, your godliness. Which has been absent from the leadership in this country for so long. While some profess all this for votes, they don't live it. You actually do! The reason we have been with you is because of a pastor from Los Angeles, by the name of Dino Gentile. He convinced 14 million members of your ability and temperament, as well as Mr. Obama's. He contacted the heads of over 300 organizations and we passed his letters on to our constituents. He asked for nothing in return. Dino is nationally known as a pastor/evangelist since 1984, a youth leader, a former stuntman/actor, and bodyguard for Mrs. Jack Warner of Warner Bros fame. He inspired youth nationwide and over 3000 letters have gone to the White House over the last, almost 22 years attesting to his character and ministry by organizational leaders. He fed the hungry, housed the homeless and detoxed addicts and alcoholics, he had a K-12 school, a satellite bible college, and teen outreach. He was coerced into a crime in 1998, offered 2 years to plead guilty, went to trial instead and ended up with an outrageous 41 years! So he suffered a 39 year trial penalty, and was convicted when circumstantial evidence was allowed which is not the case today. He's been a model inmate for almost 22 years. Led over 200 men to the Lord so much so that, his class grads have a less than 2% recidivism rate. He got his old prison to contract to build 16 homes for Habitat for Humanity. He runs a prison think tank that teaches men how to help the community instead of hindering it.

The NCRPDG [The National Campaign to Release Pastor Dino Gentile] was formed to try to help him obtain clemency. We still support him after all these years which shows the impact he has had on all of us. He's an award winning inventor, he holds two patents, an alternate parachute landing system for helicopters and a new kind of airship that puts out wildfires, serves as a rescue platform to evacuate/deploy hundreds of people at a time, manufactures water out of ambient air, can desalinize seawater and after passing studies at Cal Poly, the US army, and DARPA, it i said it can even counteract a dirty bomb!

This project which has some funding commitments already, can bring massive jobs and revenues to the U.S., if he could go home to work on these cutting edge projects. Mr. Biden, the evidence pastor Dino's attorney neglected at trial and the reasons he did so are too numerous to mention here. Even new evidence in his case was misconstrued by the courts. We are weary of the uphill battle in the courts, slowed down by Covid. So is pastor Dino. He is 65 years old, a first time offender and has done 62% of his sentence.

He has accepted responsibility for the mistakes he made in this whole dilemma and wrote us all explaining what he actually did and did not do. No one was hurt, he threatened no one, had no weapon, and never entered the premises or spoke to anyone. He did no violence.

His one and only wife and two daughters anxiously await him to return home where there is plenty of room for him. He has two degrees, and can once again teach online even, if allowed to go home. We at the NCRPDG will help him readjust once again to freedom and be there for him. the and the FourSquare Church International with a total of 14 million members also support his clemency. He is not a danger to the community and has been nothing but a blessing to every community he's been a member of.

We ask for you to help answer our prayers and grant pastor Gentile a commutation of sentence to "time served" if possible.

We feel if anyone deserves a chance, it's Dino. We all love and respect you and your family. We pray for you all and greet Dr. Jill Biden who is also a teacher like pastor Dino is, and honor her for her many years of service. We are ready to help you with your agenda for this great nation.

Thank You,

Chaya Swensen

NCRPDG National Chairwoman


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